The partnership between two Home Service companies and American Media Agency resulted in a significant digital transformation. By leveraging a diverse range of digital marketing strategies, the companies not only increased their online presence and lead generation. Additionally, they improved customer engagement and communication.  The consistent revenue growth demonstrated the effectiveness of the holistic approach taken by the marketing agency.

Client Information

The client, a well-established HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) company, was seeking to expand its online presence and generate more leads in a highly competitive market. They partnered with American Media Marketing Agency to implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing Website Development, SEO and PPC.

The Problem

  • The HVAC industry is saturated with competitors, making it challenging for our client to stand out.
  • The client’s website was not ranking well in search engines, resulting in limited online visibility. Specifically local Google Maps and listings search.
  • The client needed a consistent flow of high-quality leads to sustain their business growth.

    Problem Solving

    American Media Marketing Agency conducted an in-depth SEO audit and implemented the following: 

    • Content creation focused on informative HVAC articles, FAQs, and blog posts.
    • Local SEO strategies, including Google My Business optimization, and Local Maps improved local search rankings.
    • Strategic PPC campaigns targeted  HVAC keywords.
    • Ad extensions showcased services and promotions.
    • Ongoing optimization maximized ROI and reduced ad spend waste.
    • Ensured there were landing pages that were specific to the Ad Message and product line.
    • Restructured the website turning potential clients and leads into new clients.
    • Educational content, such as HVAC maintenance guides and eBooks, attracted organic
    • traffic.
    • Landing pages captured visitor information for lead nurturing.
    • Implemented a robust Social Media campaign, increasing engagement and sharing of Case Studies.

    The Outcome

    SEO efforts improved organic search rankings, resulting in a 6500% increase in website traffic within six months.

    PPC and inbound marketing efforts led to a 60% increase in high-quality leads. Increased contact from submissions by 200%, Phone calls by 150%

    Optimized Ads weekly, doubling the CTR and lowering the CPC by 30%.

    Social media engagement and informative content increased follower interactions by 75%.