The client, a bathroom remodel company, faced fierce competition in the home improvement industry. They partnered with us to revamp their digital presence and drive business growth. The comprehensive digital marketing strategy involved SEO, PPC, OTT, Website redesign, Geofencing, Email campaigns, Social Media Management, SMS marketing, IVR integration, Chatbots, and Inbound Marketing.

The Problem

  • The client’s website lacked visibility in search engines, making it challenging to attract potential customers. The company was highly concerned with lack of showing up Google Maps and Local Opportunities.
  • Generating high-quality leads and converting them into customers was a pressing concern.
  • The client needed a consistent flow of high-quality leads and nurturing program to sustain their business growth.

Problem Solving

American Media Marketing Agency conducted an in-depth SEO audit and implemented the following: 

  • Customized OTT campaigns reached homeowners through streaming platforms.
  • Produced engaging video ads showcased the client’s portfolio and expertise.
  • Advanced targeting ensured ads reached relevant audiences based on demographics and interests.
  • Geofencing campaigns were implemented around target service areas.
  • Users within the designated radius received location-based offers and promotions.
  • Personalized email campaigns segmented customers based on their remodeling needs.
  • Automated drip campaigns nurtured leads through the sales funnel.
  • Promotions and seasonal offers encouraged repeat business.

The Results


  • Improved Online Visibility:
    • SEO efforts led to a 432% increase in organic search traffic within six months.
  •  Lead Generation:
    • PPC and inbound marketing strategies resulted in a 95% increase in high-quality leads.
  •  Enhanced Website Usability
    • The redesigned website saw a 30% reduction in bounce rates and a 125% increase in page views.
  •  Customer Engagement:
    • Social media engagement and personalized email campaigns increased customer interactions by 112%.
  •  Efficient Communication
    • IVR and chatbots streamlined customer inquiries, reducing response times by 60%.
  •  Revenue Growth
    • The comprehensive digital marketing strategy resulted in a 42% increase in revenue month to

Through these measures, the client successfully tackled their initial concerns and saw substantial growth in their business metrics, demonstrating the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaign implemented.